Custom Non-Standard Metal Cased Seals

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Custom SealsColonial Seal Company offers a variety of quality and cost effective custom metal cased seals for all your non-standard and obselete metal cased sealing needs.

These custom seals will help reduce your machinery downtime and keep production running smoothly. You never have to worry about minimum quantities or tooling charges as each seal is specifically designed and made to your unique application.

With experience in manufacturing custom seals with outer diameter sizes ranging from 5.9 inches to 68 inches, Colonial Seal will have your machinery working in no time!

Our custom made metal cased seals are available in several different grades of steel and our lip materials can be made from:

  • Viton
  • Teflon
  • Silicone
  • And many more

Metal Cased Replacement Seals

Our custom metal cased seals can be used as a replacement or an alternative to

  • Garlock 64
  • Chicago Rawhide HDL
  • Gaco SMK seal styles

Download our custom metal cased seal brochure for more information.

Custom Metal-Cased Shaft Seal Types

Standard - Single, spring-loaded lip. This is the most common design used when primary function is either exclusion or retention.
D1 - Two sealing members with opposed lips. Used when positive sealing is required from two directions or when necessary to seal/separate fluids.
D2 - Dual elements used in a single purpose, severe duty environment as an excluder or for fluid/lubricant retention.
D3 - Spring-loaded primary sealing lip with a springless secondary dust lip at the back of the seal. The dust lip prevents dirt, etc. from damaging the main element.
D4 - A further variation of dual sealing. Here the spring loaded element is preceded by a dust lip.
D5 - From time to time arduous conditions require a special dual seal which will allow grease to be administered to the center cavity after the seal is installed, thereby cleaning the wiping lips of extraneous matter.
D6 - Two seals fitted back to back, one with indentations, which again allows the easy passage of lubricant administered through a grease nipple.
G1 - Where both axial and radial dimensions are restricted we offer a springless seal.
G2 - Limited space requiring dual sealing poses a problem which is overcome by our G2 type.
G3 - A triple lipped springless seal is ideal for grease and thick oils.
SAFEGARD - Sealing lip is energized without the use of metal springs. Used when space is limited and use of a loose garter spring could result in component damage.