Mil Spec Seals for Military Ground Systems & Defense Applications

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Oil SealColonial Seal Company is an Authorized Vietnam-Era, Veteran Owned Small Business Supplier to the US Government. We specialize in supplying Federal Supply Class (FSC) 5330 for use on most Military Ground Systems and Defense Applications. Our in-house database ensures we can supply most high volume 5330 NSN's found in FSC 2530 service kits and 2930 parts kits used on wheeled and tracked military vehicles. We supply SEAL, PLAIN and SEAL, PLAIN ENCASED for use in Service Kits.

Mil-Spec Seal Types

Colonial Seal Company can supply you with Mil-Spec oil and grease seals, hydraulic seals, spiral wound gaskets and o-rings that are either "Buy American" compliant or Approved Country source per DFAR 225.872. As an Authorized Distributor for STEMCO, SKF, Federal Mogul/National, Garlock Hydraulics, and other major Approved Sources, we can also fulfill all of you custom requirements.

We routinely supply Mil-Spec rotary shaft seals that are in accordance with drawing number 00044 and drawing number 00150. We have extensive experience in supplying SEAL, PACKING, PACKING, PERFORMED RETAINER, PACKING, and RING, WIPER and have custom extrusion capabilities for SEAL, NON-METALLIC and RUBBER, SPECIAL SHAPED SECTIONS.

Colonial Seal provides a line of custom made gaskets in several materials for use in a variety of industries. Our gasket product line includes spiral wound metallic gaskets, silicone gaskets, chloroprene gaskets, and vegetable fiber gaskets. We supply Type I and Type II Spiral Wound Gaskets to Mil Spec G-24716. We also specialize in supplying custom made die cut gaskets or water jet gaskets.